16th Innovation Forum
for Automation

January 24/25, 2019
Dresden - GER


The innovationsforum offers unique insights into automation projects and best practices world-wide.

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Automation Network Dresden

The high-tech cluster known as the Automation Network Dresden and all its member companies AIS, Fabmatics, SYSTEMA and XENON are recognized globally for working on sophisticated factory automation projects
and technologies.

The Automation Network Dresden brings together thought leaders, engineers and researchers from around the world for the innovationsforum for automation in Dresden, Germany and in Hillsboro, Oregon/USA. Together we are shaping the fourth industrial revolution in semiconductor and related high-tech industries.

The innovationsforum is dedicated to bringing you the latest information on best practices, new technologies and the future of automation. Come join us to see how the 4th industrial revolution takes shape.

Latest Social Activities

One more week until our 16th Innovation Forum 2019 starts at DGUV/IAG in Dresden, Germany! We are already curious who will win this year’s Innovation Award for Automation and are looking forward to network with over 300 industry experts from...

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